Area Information

Welcome to York County, SC!

While travelers love to visit, many never want to leave. Allow us to introduce ourselves — We are York County, SC — southern neighbor to Charlotte, NC. We offer big-city amenities in a warm, friendly environment that is known for its hospitality and outdoor adventure. 

Imagine the perfect combination of family, unity among diversity, accessibility, and togetherness with a sprinkling of culture and playfulness. Residents of our area are curious seekers. For us, the adventure is in the find. We have shifted our perception of value to appreciate experiences rather than things. Occasionally, we like to take time to slow down and be in environments that perpetuate a laid-back pace. We are gracious, comfortable with who we are, and authentically Southern with a deep respect for the South and all it has to offer. Oh, and we like to have a really good time!

You’re invited to come and create YOUR story. Write your own chapter for the sake of your life’s story and pursue happiness. Because it is here – you just have to make the move – ‘Move to York County, SC’.  For New Resident Information and Area Links, click on the logo below.


York County